Keto Festival UK: Round up of the Birmingham Show

keto festival uk sara alam

I love the Keto Festival Have any of you been to a Keto Festival in the UK? I’m honoured to speak at the conference and exhibit too. I absolutely loved speaking at the Keto Festival on Sunday in Birmingham. What an incredibly friendly and enthusiastic crowd and so many brilliant keto friendly brands. It really is […]

Three types of Ketone Substances In a Nutshell: Do you know the difference between 1-3 Butanediol, a Ketone Ester and D Ketone Salts?

Ketone IQ Review 1 3 butanediol

Ketone IQ Review, Delta G, Real Ketones Elevate and Vault 3 Ketones Compared: 1 3 Butanediol, Salts & Esters  When there are so many ketone supplements around, how can you identify the healthy and effective ones verse the unhealthy and ineffective ones?  It is important to know the differences between them as well as the positives and […]

An Ancestral Diet: A New Approach to the Ketogenic Diet

ancestral diet ketogenic approach sara alam sara aguilar

Here is An Ancestral Diet Approach to the Ketogenic Lifestyle: This text is based on my presentation at the Keto Festival in Bristol from March 2022.  How we can use ancestral wisdom to cultivate a healthy, flexible and wholefoods approach to the ketogenic diet: an ancestral diet, and by wholefoods I do not mean grains.  […]

Seed Oils: A Sinister Ingredient. How do you choose healthy fats for the keto diet?

seed oils

There’s something ubiquitous in our foods, a sinister ingredient prevalent in almost all processed foods, often labelled as heart healthy, vegan, gluten free and even keto friendly. It’s insidious and we unwittingly consume it while it rusts us from the inside out and disrupts our DNA. What I am talking about is seed oils. This […]

When Not to Follow a Ketogenic Diet: Is the Keto Diet For Everyone?

when not to follow a ketogenic diet sara alam keto supplements

Is Keto For Everyone? Pros & Cons of the Keto Diet Hi there, I’m Sara Alam, an Anthropologist, Sports Nutritionist and Low Carb Enthusiast. I founded Keto Supplements in 2017, initially sourcing supplements to alleviate a loved one’s epilepsy. I am passionate about fusing the best of ancestral wisdom with modern day medicine to optimise […]

Keto Chocolate Orange Pudding: A Heart Warming Recipe

keto chocolate orange pudding

Keto Chocolate Orange Pudding: Written by Guest Blogger: Laura Brookes When it comes to sweet treats, nothing is as heart warming as a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.  So if you are craving this winter favourite but looking for a healthy alternative, we have your sorted with this low carbohydrate pudding that is simple to make and […]

Keto Baked Cheesecake: Deliciously Crunchy on the Outside and Creamy on the Inside

baked keto cheesecake recipe sara alam

Oooh, now we may be in the New Year but you can stick to your low carb diet guilt free with this phenomenal recipe…that was a happy accident! Like all the best things in life! I made this on New Years’ Eve in a hurry and it turned out beautifully! Far, far better than I […]

Easy Anti-Ageing Habits: It is all about Cellular Regeneration

Easy Anti-Ageing Habits

Biona Pure Blueberry Juice 330ml Did you know that we are exposed to at least 700,000 up to 2,000,000 environmental toxins each day? These toxins can be found in the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the products we put on our skin.  Combined, the toxins cause cellular degeneration, […]

Lazy Keto Brunch Recipe: Baked Eggs in Coconut Milk with Rainbow Chard

Keto Brunch Recipe

Enjoy this Lazy Keto Brunch Recipe with a cup of Antioxidant Rich Purity Coffee Baked eggs in coconut milk with rainbow chard. Looking for Sunday brunch inspiration? This is a delicious Sunday brunch feast perfect for sharing with your loved ones. Nourishing, hearty and comforting this is sure to be enjoyed by the entire family. […]

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