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Keto Salmon Recipe: Garlic Butter Sockeye Salmon Nourish Bowl

keto salmon recipe nourish bowl

Garlic Butter Sockeye Salmon Nourish Bowl: A Delicious Keto Salmon Recipe A low carb and keto salmon recipe that is truly beautiful, nourishing and will promote recovery after your Spring exercise sessions. Salmon is rich in healthy fats for your brain and for beautiful skin and the protein will support muscle synthesis and repair. Microgreens […]

Sara Aguilar: The Real Story Behind Keto Supplements

sara aguilar keto supplements

Why I created Keto Supplements, Sara Aguilar Obstacles often present the best opportunities for growth. The past 11 months have been peppered with obstacles and demonstrated how precarious our sense of stability is. Yet, amidst the calamity many battles have been won and so many obstacles overcome. So much of the reason why I created Keto […]

Join us for Ketober: A Month of Keto Meal Ideas & Data Tracking


Did you know that Autumn is one of the optimal seasons to begin your transition to the ketogenic diet?  It is a season in which the summer’s abundance of  fruit and vegetable become more scarce. So, naturally our bodies attune to a higher fat, lower carb diet. Throughout October, we are running a #ketober campaign with […]

Bangin’ Keto Fish Curry: Spice Up Your Spring Evenings

keto fish curry recipe

Nothing warms you like a spicy, heart warming curry. With a true love of seafood, Indian flavours (I am half-Pakistani after all!) and creamy coconut, this authentic recipe is divine. Get ready for some chilli fire, sumptious coconut and tender, crumbling fish. I literally just made this dish after a rainy, chilly March day and […]

Macadamia Nuts: the Healthiest Nuts for a Ketogenic Diet?

macadamia nuts

Benefits of Macadamia nuts Macadamia nuts contain the most amount of fat compared to other tree nuts. In fact, 75% of macadamia nuts is fat. This is why many people wouldn’t consider having it as part of their diet plan. However, we all know that fats have different types. This is what people tend to […]

Ketosis Explained by Pruvit Keto//OS

Pruvit Keto//OS

Need a quick introduction to ketosis? This entertaining cartoon from Pruvit Keto//OS demonstrates how ketosis works in the body–in simple terms! You can buy exogenous ketones Keto//OS here–we have it in stock! Supplementing with exogenous ketones such as Pruvit Keto//OS catalyses ketosis in the body so that your body starts burning ketones for fuel–instead of […]

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