Join us for Ketober: A Month of Keto Meal Ideas & Data Tracking


Ketober is ON

Did you know that Autumn is one of the optimal seasons to begin your transition to the ketogenic diet? 

It is a season in which the summer’s abundance of  fruit and vegetable become more scarce. So, naturally our bodies attune to a higher fat, lower carb diet.

Throughout October, we are running a #ketober campaign with the a leading biohacker, Dasha Maximov. Together, Dasha and I will share a month of keto meal ideas and data tracking over on instagram and on our blog.

We are sharing all our keto meals so that you can try a modified keto diet. 🍽🥗🍖

We will be posting, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, workouts and dataso that you can see the impact certain foods can have on blood sugar levels and even sleep…📈

You will literally see how easy keto is and everything you’ll need for a month of keto, including the supplements to support the diet and how we incorporate carbs when we need them.🍠🍓

By modified, we mean 30-50g of carbs a day—in general women need more carbohydrates than men—particularly during the luteal (pre-period) phase of our cycle. 🌜

Occasionally, we will flex our diet and we will keep honest about it. 👁

So, why did Dasha decide to try Keto?

Read her perspective below:

‘So, real talk – I’m petrified of Keto because I keep on hearing …

1. Not to do as a woman because I’ll lose my period
2. Not to do it if you are stressed (#2020)
3. That it’s hard to do if you are a pescatarian / don’t eat meat, etc etc.

And yet….. I see incredible women like those tagged (follow them they are amazing), thriving on keto. Plus just got the cgm (continuous blood glucose monitor) so figured why not play around?

So, I’ve enlisted Sara (founder of Keto Supplements over in the UK) to help me out this month. We were just going to send each other pictures back and forth, but then figured we could share with you all as well.

Simple. No rules. Just sharing the wealth and what is / isnt working.

Let’s see what #ketober has in store for us… I’m hoping for lowered inflammation, stable blood sugar and more energy! Here we go! 💫’

Check out live Instagram recipes and data to keep in the loop on Dasha’s progress and my meal ideas. One of our highlights from #Ketober has been this Pumpkin Spice Fat Bomb…scroll down for the recipe

We tweaked the original Martina Slajerova ‘Fat Bombs‘ recipe slightly by adding collagen, sea salt, chia seeds and coconut chunks for extra protein, electrolytes & creamy viscosity 💣

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Serves 1 & all you need is:
200ml coconut milk/other nut milk🥥🌰
1 tbsp mct oil or MCT powder 🍯
1 tbsp coconut chunks 🥥
3 tbsp coconut cream 🥥
1-2 tbsp almond butter 🌰
2 tsp chia seeds 🥄
1 tsp mixed spice 🍁
2tbsp pumpkin purée (unsweetened) 🎃
1 serving Hunter & Gather collagen 🐂
1-2tsp powdered erythritol 🍬
Pinch of sea salt

Check out @_dashofhealth,, @ketosupplements and @sara.j.aguilar for a full month of keto ideas! 🤓

Remember to take photos of your own meals and tag us and #ketober as we would LOVE to see your creations and progress on a modified ketogenic diet. 🥑🥥🥦🌞

Sara & Dasha x 

One thought on “Join us for Ketober: A Month of Keto Meal Ideas & Data Tracking

  1. Dmyto says:

    SARA is the BEST BLOG in the subject of keto diet, I read it practically every day. I am also happy that I was able to find this because thanks to the specific keto diet described there I learned everything I need.

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