How do Real Ketones, Perfect Keto and Keto Sports exogenous ketones compare? What is the best keto supplement?

What is the best keto supplement

Low Down on the Latest Products: How do they compare?

It had been quiet for a while, with few new releases in exogenous ketone supplements. But recently, Real Ketones have revamped and massively increased their product offering. What is the best keto supplement?

Real Ketones have released ‘Prime D+’, the Ketone Weight Loss Sticks, Caffeinated BHB Salts and stand-alone BHB salts. Getting creative, Real Ketones have introduced new flavours too, the best-selling Chocolate Weight Loss Sticks and Peach Sachets, a new Grape Tart Prime D+ and Orange Blast Prime is now available in convenient sachets for travelling.

NEW Real Ketones Weight Loss Sticks

What is the best keto supplement real ketones We now have these BHB Salt ‘Keto Weight Loss’ sachets (Exogenous Ketones) in Chocolate and Peach flavours.

Each box has 10 servings with 10g of BHB per serving.

Real Ketones Prime D+

What does the Prime D+ mean? This refers to the D-BHB element of the Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB Salt/Exogenous Ketone), which is identical to the ketones that we would produce endogenously—in the body. Making them the most bioavailable—easy for our body to absorb and use.

Prime D+ includes MCT powder for longer lasting energy. Like any source of energy, when combined with a fat the energy is more slowly released and lasts for longer.

What’s more, the Prime D+ contains C8 MCT powder which is even more readily converted into ketones once consumed. Essentially, More Ketones, More Energy, More Focus: Prime D+ Maintenance delivers the energy, focus and clarity you need to power your keto lifestyle.

How do Real Ketones stack up against Perfect Keto and Keto Sports?

On efficacy, flavour and cost?

Well, I have charted all the products out for you so that you can see for yourself. It turns out that the 28 serving tubs of Real Ketones Orange Blast and Lemon Twist are the overall winners on cost at £0.20 per gram of BHB Blend and £2.68 per serving.

what is the best keto supplement bhb
The ‘Taste Profile’ is subjective and based on consumer feedback and product popularity.

Perfect Keto Nootropic comes in as the most expensive at £0.62 per gram of BHB Blend and £5 per serving. However, the nootropic does include many other brain boosting ingredients. All the Perfect Keto Base exogenous ketones are more expensive BUT they are very popular on flavour, particularly the Chocolate Sea Salt.

Real Ketones


best keto supplements perfect keto

Recap on how to take exogenous ketones:

The BHB Salt powder form of exogenous ketones can be consumed with hot or cold drinks and even added into food recipes. We always recommend starting with a half-portion diluted with iced water or iced unsweetened almond milk.

For boosting physical or mental performance

Just take the exogenous ketone salts 30 minutes before you plan to begin. If you are having KetoBlitz , this is so fast acting that you can take them as you are starting your workout and even during exercise. Blending the bhb salt with mct oil or powder will give you longer lasting energy.

For catalysing fat loss:

They can be taken as a meal or snack replacement. Exogenous Ketones really boost your energy levels and suppress appetite. So, you will not feel hungry and they also tend to curb carb cravings. Because they suppress appetite, they make fasting and eating at a caloric deficit far easier too. But they will not make you lose weight just by consuming them—a caloric deficit, plenty of sleep and an active lifestyle are essential for fat loss. Find out how exogenous ketones could help you burn fat here.

If you also combine them with MCT Powder, you will achieve an even longer lasting effect with further elevated blood ketone levels. You can add MCT powder or oil into Fat or Bulletproof Coffee too.

In general, when choosing an exogenous ketone supplement, go for your preferred flavours and also take into account the added ingredients. For example, if you like chocolate, go for a chocolate flavoured exogenous ketones.

what is the best keto supplement keto sports perfect keto pruvit real ketones compared


Remember that exogenous ketones support the transition to the ketogenic diet as well as boosting physical and mental energy. It can also wonderfully support fat loss when combined with a calorie restrictive diet.

It is absolutely essential that you keep your electrolytes up, so do add extra mineral (volcanic, Himalayan or Celtic) salt to your food and extra magnesium too. Keeping your electrolytes up is the most important thing to remember when you start transitioning to the ketogenic diet. Find out how to replenish your electrolytes here.

Bestsellers on Keto Supplements


Just getting started? We recommend the following:

Mineral Salt
Ensure that you have mineral salt at home. Mineral salt can be pink Himalayan salt, Celtic Sea salt or Volcanic salt. Table salt is not sufficient as it has been stripped of the minerals that you need.

Quinton Cellnutrition have source the most bioavable electrolyte and mineral blend in the form of Totum Sport, Quinton Hypertonic and Isotonic. Magnesium is essential for muscle recovery and repair as well as optimum neurological function. With a magnesium deficiency, you will suffer low energy, headaches, cramps and muscle ache. As you will be losing electrolytes on keto, you will need extra magnesium.

MCT Powder
Try Organic MCT Oil Powder by Nutiva. Perfect Keto do a delicious Keto Chocolate Collagen that includes MCT Powder. MCT Oil powder includes medium chain triglycerides that are easily converted into ketones and used as fuel for the body. MCT Powders are normally from coconut or palm oil and support your body in producing endogenous ketones.

what is the best keto supplement perfect keto pruvit

If you have decided that exogenous ketones will benefit you, choose your preferred flavour and ingredients.

Top Tip
Ensure that you start with a half portion, keep hydrated, replenish your electrolytes and let us know how you’re getting on!
Need more information on getting into Ketosis? Here’s our 5 Keys to Ketosis guide. Check out our Keto Recipe Guides too.

What are your thoughts on each of the supplements? Which ones have you tried? Let us know in the comments below.

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