Macadamia Nuts: the Healthiest Nuts for a Ketogenic Diet?

macadamia nuts

Benefits of Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts contain the most amount of fat compared to other tree nuts. In fact, 75% of macadamia nuts is fat. This is why many people wouldn’t consider having it as part of their diet plan. However, we all know that fats have different types. This is what people tend to overlook. Most of macadamia nuts’ fat content is monounsaturated, which is absolutely great for your health! Aside from that, it also contains fiber and minerals. These essential nutrients make macadamia nuts great for helping with:

  • Brain function
  • Heart health
  • Lowering cancer risk
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Strengthening bones & teeth
  • Weight loss
  • Skin health

Macadamia Nuts and your Keto Diet

We have already established that macadamia nuts make a healthy snack. In fact, they are one of the healthiest and are highly recommended to be part of your Keto or low carb diet. Here is a helpful information to help you get started.

How much macadamia nuts should you consume per day?

It is mostly recommended to eat an ounce (or 10 nuts) a day. But this really depends on your own individual caloric and macro requirements.

How do you eat macadamia nuts?

Macadamia nuts have a creamy taste and make a great snack when eaten on their own. They are also a perfect ingredient to salad and pasta recipes. However, specially formulated macadamia keto snacks may be your best option. You can even coat them in 100% dark chocolate for a delicious treat or add them to your smoothies. 

Where can you buy macadamia nuts?

While macadamia nuts originate in Australia, most of its commercial production is in Hawaii. They are distributed to other countries, making them easily accessible for everyone. Macadamia nuts are sold with our without their shells; some manufacturers also have them roasted. 

If you’re planning to include nuts in your Keto diet, macadamia is absolutely the most recommended. They are a perfect keto snack option specially when you feel hungry in your busiest hour.

How do macadamia nuts compare with other nuts?

Have you ever wondered which nuts are low carb enough to eat on keto? Here’s our list of the top 8 low-carb nuts, ranked by the amount of carbs (from low carb to high carb):

  1. Pili Nuts -100g contains 4 grams of total carbs
  2. Pecan nuts – 100g contains 4g of net carbs.
  3. Brazil nuts – 100g contains 4g of net carbs.
  4. Macadamia – 100g contains 5g of net carbs.
  5. Peanuts – 100g contains 7g of net carbs.
  6. Hazelnuts – 100g contains 7g of net carbs.
  7. Walnuts – 100 g contains 7g of net carbs.
  8. Almonds – 100g contains 10g of net carbs. Almonds can also be ground into almond flour. It is a fantastic substitute for high-carb flours, and it’s used in many low carb pizza and baking recipes – just like coconut flour.
  9. Cashew nuts (NOT KETO) – 100g contains a whopping 27g of carbs!

macadamia nuts

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