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Keto Snacks

Looking for ketogenic and low carb snacks?

Discover some amazingly delicious Keto Snacks!

You can trust that all of these products are very low carb & keto friendly. Our strict criteria for choosing ketogenic products includes:

  • All very low carb (less than 4g net carbs per serving), No artificial sweeteners – at all! And absolutely no vegetable oils or degraded oils.
  • Grass-fed & organic where possible
  • Full of heart healthy fats, absolutely delicious and versatile so that you can create some amazing recipes!

Low carb snacks range from very low carb chocolate to nut butters and from ketogenic snack bars to keto cookies. Be very aware of artificial and fruit sweeteners which can cause blood sugar spikes and GI Distress. We carefully select only keto snacks and supplements that we would consume ourselves; and we have very stringent standards!

We recommend that where possible you choose organic and or grass fed/ pastured foods. Find out more about choosing ketogenic and low carb foods here.

Top Keto Desserts Tip:

Melt 100% Cacao Montezuma with Coyo or double dream and a spoon of almond butter. Stir up with a drop of stevia or Salted Caramel MCT Powder and top off with some blueberries and pili nuts...absolutely divine! Add some collagen to make it a high protein dessert and Voila! You’ll have a delectable post-workout recovery treat!

Have a read of the Vegan Keto Snacks Guide and the Keto Smoothie Guide. Looking for more Keto Recipes? Check out the Recipe Blog and Keto Recipe Guides.

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