Sara Aguilar: The Real Story Behind Keto Supplements

sara aguilar keto supplements

Why I created Keto Supplements, Sara Aguilar

Obstacles often present the best opportunities for growth. The past 11 months have been peppered with obstacles and demonstrated how precarious our sense of stability is. Yet, amidst the calamity many battles have been won and so many obstacles overcome. So much of the reason why I created Keto Supplements was to solve a problem, to source exogenous ketones for my husband, Francisco. I was fortunate in that my passion for health, the keto diet and alleviating his epilepsy led to the creation of Keto Supplements. 

I invite you to listen to my latest interview on Real Ketones, Better Health and Body Radio.

I hope to inspire you, encourage you to reflect on your own challenges…and to share the real story behind Keto Supplements with you!

If you need some inspiration, listen to my interview with Real Ketones here.

Looking to follow more of my interviews and health information? Follow the Thrive with Sara Aguilar You Tube page.


  • How exogenous ketones helped save Sara’s (my) husband, Francisco ♥️
  • How & why to have more carbs on keto for many
  • Keto advice for women
  • How & why to be more flexible with keto and fasting to fine tune your nutrition
  • How to turn your diet into a lifestyle you can sustain long-term
  • Nutrition & mental health
  • How many athletes and individuals succeed by being more flexible w/ keto
  • Immunity & preventative health
  • How living a little more like a caveman or cavewoman can add years to your life and life to your years.

I would love to know what you think of the interview in the comments section below!

Warmest Regards,

Sara Aguilar 

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