Keto Chocolate Orange Pudding: A Heart Warming Recipe

keto chocolate orange pudding

Keto Chocolate Orange Pudding: Written by Guest Blogger: Laura Brookes

When it comes to sweet treats, nothing is as heart warming as a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.  So if you are craving this winter favourite but looking for a healthy alternative, we have your sorted with this low carbohydrate pudding that is simple to make and delicious.

Sugar free and full of healthy fats, this recipe allows you to enjoy all the full flavours of winter without the negative effects on your blood sugar.

Sugar free and full of healthy fats, this recipe allows you to enjoy all the full flavours of winter without the negative effects on your blood sugar.

(Serves two)

The what:


10g Psyllium husk powder Use code 15SARA for 15% off Planet Organic

10g chia seeds*

10g ground flaxseeds

1 sachet Real Ketones Prime D+ Orange Blast

10g Raw cacao

3g cinnamon

10g Hunter & Gather Marine Collagen Peptide powder

300ml unsweetened almond milk or water

Toppings of choice

Optional: For additional sweetness try adding 4 drops of Good Stevia Vanilla Flavour

The how:


  1. Begin by adding the dry ingredients into a heat proof large bowl.
  2. Combine well.
  3. Heat 300ml of unsweetened almond milk or water in a jug.
  4. Slowly pour in the warm almond milk/water into the bowl of dry ingredients ensuring you continue to stir to avoid lumps from forming.
  5. The mixture will look very runny to begin with but continue to stir and allow it for 10 min.
  6. Stir again as the chia, flax and psyllium absorb the liquid. The mixture will become increasingly thick the longer you leave it.
  7. Add additional unsweetened almond milk/water as desired to create your preferred consistency.
  8. Taste the pudding and add extra cinnamon and/or Good Stevia Vanilla Flavour drops if desired.

Your pudding can be enjoyed hot or cold. To warm simply microwave or heat gentle on the stove in a saucepan.

Pour into two bowls and sprinkle your toppings of choice.  You can experiment with different toppings such as berries, nuts, seeds, grated sugar free chocolate or crumble your favourite Real Ketones protein bar on top for a more indulgent pudding.

The why:

Health benefits

  • Psyllium Husk is a natural source of soluble fibre proven to support a healthy digestive system and gut microbiome. This great source of fibre helps to regulate high cholesterol, triglycerides, and lower blood sugar levels. It can also help weight management, increase post-meal satiety and relieve mild diarrhoea as well as constipation.
  • Real Ketones Prime D+ Orange Blast contain BHB ketones and MCT oil powder. These two ingredients alone are clinically proven to support appetite regulation, mental focus, energy levels, mood and exercise performance. This product also contains a range of vitamins including vitamin K3, B6, B12 and 125% of your RDA for vitamin D to strengthen bones and muscles, boost immunity, improve mood, reduce inflammation, improve heart health and support a health metabolism. The perfect ratio of the minerals calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium creates the ideal cellular environment to support hydration and overall wellbeing.
  • Collagen peptides are easy to digest amino acids essential to the integrity of joint, bone and skin health. Amongst their many benefits, skin health is often sited, with regular users of collagen seeing an improvement in markers of skin aging. According to research, collagen may also relieve joint pain, prevent bone loss, enhance muscle mass and even improve heart health. As the most abundant protein in the body, it is easy to see why this popular powder has quickly become one of the most talked aobut supplements on the market.
  • Chiaseeds and flaxseeds are both full of essential fatty acids, protein and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, copper, selenium and zinc. Their rich fibre content promotes a healthy digestive system and research shows these little nutrient dense powerhouses may reduce blood sugar, improve heart health and reduce the risk of certain cancers.
  • Raw cacao is the unprocessed version of cocoa powder. This means it boasts more health enhancing flavanols which have cardiovascular benefits, anti-cancer and antioxidant properties. Cacao is also a great source of several minerals, including selenium, magnesium, chromium and manganese.
  • Cinnamon is well known for its blood sugar balancing effects and is rich in antioxidants. It may support digestive health due to its prebiotic properties. Additionally, cinnamon has been found to reduce inflammation, support brain health and poses excellent anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Nuts and seeds offer a wealth of health benefits. Rich in fibre to support the gut microbiome and are high in essential fatty acids, protein, minerals and vitamins. Many nuts have been associated with improving health span, improving cognition, reducing the risk of cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes. Walnuts, hempseeds pumpkin seeds and brazil nuts are amongst the top picks for health benefits.

*Real Ketone top tip – grind your chia seeds in a coffee bean grinder before adding to the mixture. This makes a smoother consistency and research has found that grinding increases the digestibility and uptake of antioxidants, protein and omega-3 fats.

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