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Keto Festival UK: Round up of the Birmingham Show

keto festival uk sara alam

I love the Keto Festival Have any of you been to a Keto Festival in the UK? I’m honoured to speak at the conference and exhibit too. I absolutely loved speaking at the Keto Festival on Sunday in Birmingham. What an incredibly friendly and enthusiastic crowd and so many brilliant keto friendly brands. It really is […]

An Ancestral Diet: A New Approach to the Ketogenic Diet

ancestral diet ketogenic approach sara alam sara aguilar

Here is An Ancestral Diet Approach to the Ketogenic Lifestyle: This text is based on my presentation at the Keto Festival in Bristol from March 2022.  How we can use ancestral wisdom to cultivate a healthy, flexible and wholefoods approach to the ketogenic diet: an ancestral diet, and by wholefoods I do not mean grains.  […]

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