Exogenous Ketone Supplementation: The Lowdown on the Latest Products

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Latest BHB Salts Product Roundup

Getting to grips with supplementation for exogenous ketones can be tricky. And with the latest new product releases from Kegenix, Ketologic, Pruvit Keto//OS and Perfect Keto, it can seem even more complicated. So here is the Keto Supplements’ lowdown on the latest ketogenic supplements, what you can use them for, how you can use them and what they taste like.

Why use exogenous ketones ketologic bhb orange and mangoKegenix Prime Orange Blast exogenous ketones

What are Exogenous Ketones?

Exogenous ketones (Beta hydroxybutyrate or BHB Salts) are synthetic ketones and come in the form of salts as the Beta-hydroxybutyrate chemical binds with salt.

Ketones are the alternative to glucose and they are the original energy source for the body. When the body starves of glucose and carbohydrates, the liver converts stored body fat and nutritional fat into endogenous (internal) ketones which are then used to fuel the body. Supplementing with exogenous ketones gives you additional ketone energy as well as many other benefits listed below.

Why use exogenous ketones?

The majority of people use exogenous ketones to catalyse fat burning, increase their cognitive focus, and improve their physical and athletic performance. Exogenous Ketones put your body into ketosis within 15-60 minutes from consumption.

Ketosis is beneficial for a myriad of reasons, namely that it reduces inflammation in the body. This can alleviate brain fog, headaches, chronic illnesses, seizures, joint pain and is even linked to curing cancer. Ketosis increases cognitive focus and physical energy, balances hormones and blood sugar levels and can catalyze fat loss.

The list just goes on! Read more here.

How do you supplement with exogenous ketones?

The BHB Salt powder form of exogenous ketones can be consumed with hot or cold drinks and even added into food recipes. We always recommend starting with a half-portion heavily diluted with iced water or iced unsweetened almond milk.

For boosting physical or mental performance: Just take the exogenous ketone salts 30 minutes before you plan to begin and even during longer workouts.

For catalysing fat loss: They can be taken as a meal or snack replacement.

If you also combine them with MCT Powder, you will achieve an even longer lasting effect with further elevated blood ketone levels.

Ensure to Keep Hydrated and Replenish your Electrolytes.

Check out our Beginners Guide to Exogenous Ketones.

Kegenix Prime

Kegenix Prime discontinued the original sachets (late 2017) and have now released tubs of Kegenix Prime and have just re-released the sachets. It contains 6g GoBHB (Beta hydroxybutyrate) and 4g of GoBHB MCT powder per serving. Even though the actual BHB salt content is moderate, because it has been blended with MCT powder, it makes for a very effective ketone-elevating supplement and is now one of our best selling supplements.

Available in refreshing orange and lemon flavours. Unlike some ketone supplements, these are not too sweet.

Kegenix Prime Lemon Twist Sachets

Kegenix Ignite

Another exciting new innovation in the exogenous ketone world is Kegenix Ignite–an easily portable ketone spray to boost your ketone levels on the go. Includes 1g of BHB per serving, caffeine, L-Tyrosine and L-Argnine.

Kegenix Ignite exogenous ketone spray keto supplements uk

Pruvit Keto//OS MAX

Pruvit Keto Operating Systems regularly release new products and upgrade formulas. Pruvit Splash MAX is a caffeinated exogenous ketone with 13g BHB salt as well as Taurine and BCAAs. Splash is a citrusy grapefruit flavour that compliments the other flavours in the MAX range. So far, Pruvit’s Raspberry Lemonade MAX is proving to be the most popular for taste.

Why use exogenous ketones

Pruvit Keto//OS AMPED

Amped is the advanced version of MAX with even more BHB salts (but the exact quantity is undisclosed). It also includes Pruvit’s patented AC-11 DNA repair and is available in colour changing Midnight (Black Cherry) and Blue Ocean (Pina Colada) flavour.

why use exogenous ketones how to supplement with bhb salts

Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto have been busy expanding their selection of BHB salt flavours and have added a number of MCT products too. Starting with just the Chocolate Sea Salt BHB and Peaches & Cream, they now also have Vanilla and Coffee flavoured BHB salts as well as a caffeinated lemon BHB pre-workout supplement. Perfect Keto Base (bhb salts) contains 11.37g BHB per serving and the pre-workout contains 7.77g BHB and BCAAs, electrolytes and MCT powder.

Perfect Keto Perform Keto Pre Workout exogenous ketones


Ketologic is the latest brand that we have brought on as the ingredient lists are very pure and they have the only unflavoured and unsweetened BHB powder–for those who are sensitive to sweeteners or prefer neutral flavours. One serving of Ketologic includes 6g BHB and electrolytes. The Cucumber Lime flavour also includes the antioxidant spirulina and the Mango Orange flavour includes anti-inflammatory turmeric. Ketologic has a very refreshing tastes and gives long lasting ketone energy, especially when combined with MCT Powder.

ketologic bhb cucumber lime exogenous ketonesWe hope this post has helped you navigate through ketone supplementation. You can read the first installment of the supplement overview here.

Let us know your thoughts on the products — including efficacy and flavour. 🙂

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Find out how to Test your ketone levels.

Here’s our 5 Steps to Ketosis Guide.

Don’t forget to Replenish your Electrolytes!

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5 thoughts on “Exogenous Ketone Supplementation: The Lowdown on the Latest Products

  1. John B says:

    Hi Guys, When will Pruvit Splash be available? And the amped?
    SO far, I’m very pleased with the KetoBlitz, Orange Dream Pruvit and KetoLogic Cucumber & Lime.
    Thanks, JB

    • Sara says:

      Hi John! We’ll have Pruvit Splash in next week! Amped is intermittently released by Pruvit so I can’t say when it will next be available. Glad you like the Blitz, Orange and Ketologic! Sara 🙂

    • Sara says:

      Hi Leala, Of course! Essentially, they contain the same bhb salts (exogenous ketones), just in a different blend. So that is absolutely fine. Just be aware that the more bhb salts you have the more water you’ll need to drink to keep your hydration levels up. Any other qs, let me know. Sara 🙂

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