How do you know which product is right for you? How to choose exogenous ketones.

How do you choose exogenous ketones pruvit keto os ketocana kegenix perfect review and comparison

Which one is right for you?

Exogenous Ketones are an incredibly new development in the health and supplements arena. With all the flavours, powdered and liquid forms, and added minerals, how can you choose a product that’s right for you?

In this blog post we will go through all the brands, ingredients, effects and flavours for all of the products available.

Liquid or Powder Form Exogenous Ketones?

Most BHB supplements come in powdered form which you just shake up with ice water or iced almond milk. Only KetoBlitz and KetoForce come in liquid form and these are very fast acting compared with the powdered BHB. The powdered BHB forms are slightly longer lasting and last even longer in raising your blood ketone levels when combined with MCT Powder.

Added Minerals, Vitamins & Amino Acids

Exogenous Ketones are bound with sodium so they taste salty! However, since your electrolytes are depleted when in ketosis and transitioning to a ketogenic diet you will definitely be in need of the extra salt. Find out more about replenishing your electrolytes here.

We have listed all of the exogenous ketone products available at Keto Supplements below with all their added ingredients for your reference:

ketoblitz ketosports exogenous ketones uk

KetoSports‘ KetoCaNa, KetoForce and KetoBlitz have added sodium and potassium.

Peaches & Cream and Chocolate Sea Salt Exogenous Ketones Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto Chocolate Sea Salt and Peaches and Cream also have sodium and magnesium, potassium and Vitamin C – replenishing all of your electrolytes.

pruvit raspberry lemonade

Pruvit Keto/OS MAX have sodium and added Taurine for increased energy and BCAAs to support muscle repair. The charged versions include caffeine.

Pruvit Keto OS Chocolate Swirl Exogenous Ketones

Pruvit Keto/OS Chocolate Swirl has added BCAAs and inulin too – which supports healthy gut bacteria.

Pruvit Keto OS Orange Dream Exogenous Ketones

Pruvit Keto/OS Orange Dream has added MCT Powder which will boost ketones for a longer period of time and further suppress the appetite.

Kegenix Prime Exogenous Ketones UK

Kegenix Prime has an abundance of added supplements and caffeine: Includes MCT Powder, Caffeine, Green Tea and Yerba Mate Extract, BCAAs and Taurine!

BHB Content

BHB content is the quantity of the Beta-Hydroxbutyrate (exogenous ketone). The  higher the BHB, the more ketones you’ll have in your body. More isn’t necessarily better, especially if you are just starting, there’s no need to go for the higher BHB content – we recommend starting slow and always starting with a half portion and then going on to the higher BHB products. If you are an athlete, then the higher the BHB, the more ketone energy you will have available to fuel your workouts.

In order of highest to lowest BHB content:

Fast Acting or Long Lasting?

KetoBlitz and KetoForce are both liquid and are incredibly fast acting – getting you into ketosis within 15 minutes.

Powdered BHB salts normally take 30-60 minutes to put you into ketosis and the effects can last from a few hours to all day.

Exogenous Ketones combined with MCT Powder are proven to have a longer lasting effect. Kegenix and Pruvit Keto/OS Orange Dream have added MCT Powder. Alternatively, you can always blend your exogenous ketone powder with MCT Powder separately.

KetoBlitz is the latest release in the Exogenous Ketone world and is by far the fastest acting. Kegenix Prime and Pruvit Keto/OS Orange Dream are the longest lasting.

Most Delicious?

Now, for many this is the most important factor and it’s an incredibly subjective area.

From the feedback that we have had Pruvit Keto//OS Maui Punch MAX, KetoSports KetoBlitz, Perfect Keto Chocolate Sea Salt and KetoSports KetoCaNa Strawberry Lemonade are the most popular for flavour. They almost always taste better with ice water or iced unsweetened almond milk. And if you find them too sweet (as they are produced for an American palate) just add lemon or lime juice to tone down the sweetness!


In general, if you prefer chocolate, go for a a chocolatey flavour such as Perfect Keto Chocolate Sea Salt, Pruvit Keto/OS Swiss Cacao MAX or Chocolate Swirl.

These taste great with ice and almond milk and you can even add them to an iced or hot latte and add MCT powder for a longer lasting ketone boost!


If you prefer citrussy flavours, go for KetoBlitz which is lime flavoured, KetoCaNa Orange, Pruvit Keto/OS Orange Dream or Kegenix Lime Twist.


If you like fruity flavours, you’ll love the Pruvit Keto//OS Maui Punch MAX or Raspberry Lemonade, KetoCaNa Strawberry Lemonade or the Kegenix Pomegranate.


Yes, this is a one off! KetoForce tastes like Tequila. Just add lemon juice to take the edge off and take it as a shot for an instant ketone boost!

Celebrity Endorsements

Who backs which products?

There are leaders in the ketogenic ad bio-hacking world and they endorse different brands. Click on the link and you will be able to watch or read the full product review.

ben greenfield exgenous ketones

Ben Greenfield uses Pruvit – Click to read more

dominic d'agostino can the ketogenic diet prevent cancer

Dom DAgostino uses Kegenix – Click to watch video

ketocana and ketoforce tim ferriss exogenous ketones

Tim Ferriss uses KetoSports – Click to watch video

Ketone Ester or BHB Salts?

Ketone Esters are extremely potent and very effective. However, they are unpalatable and can cause vomiting! They are also not yet available in the mainstream market yet! We do not sell ketone esters.

Testing your Ketones

Find out how to test your ketone levels here.

We would love to find out your thoughts on the different products. Please leave your reviews and feedback below!

Sara & Francisco


2 thoughts on “How do you know which product is right for you? How to choose exogenous ketones.

  1. Tim Gray says:

    Sara, This is a really good post, with a good round up using Tim and Dom! That podcast is epic and has such a wealth of Keto-knowledge in it hasn’t it!

    It’s a shame Tim Ferris doesn’t talk more about the BHB salts (and that you guys don’t sell them on their own, yet 😉

  2. Sarah Nelson says:

    I’ve tried a few of the Pruvit flavours. The Orange Flavour was AWFUL and had to be gulped with a nice flavoured drink for afters to take the taste away. The Cacao Swiss is the nicer of the two chocolate flavours and the Maui Punch was rather pleasant and utterly divine compared with the Orange.
    My friend raves about their Raspberry Lemonade though I have yet to try it.

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