Real Ketones, formerly Kegenix ™ PRIME, ketogenic supplements put your body into a state of ketosis in under 60 minutes, it will also promote healthy brain function, better clarity, and reduce inflammation and brain fog.

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What are Kegenix Prime Exogenous Ketones? 

  • Kegenix™ PRIME Exogenous Ketones  
  • Orange Blast Flavour, Lemon Twist 
  • Chocolate BHB Only Sticks
  • Real Ketones Prime D + in Tart Grape with Caffeine

Kegenix’s revolutionary, patented ketonic blend will put your body into nutritional ketosis in an hour.*

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The process works without the keto-flu like symptoms, and no jitters or shakes.

Instead of taking a pre-workout drink, a post-workout drink, a weight loss product, a fat loss product, an energy drink, a meal replacement product, and supplements or vitamins for your brain health, you can now achieve all of these with one simple Kegenix™ sachet.

Kegenix Prime Lemon Twist 14 Day Supply

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