Top 5 Vegan Keto Superfoods

vegan keto diet

Can you be vegan and keto? 

There’s certainly a myth that you can’t be vegan and keto simultaneously, and that a ketogenic diet requires copious amounts of meat and dairy. However, it is possible to be both keto and vegan.

Get Your Vegan Keto Diet Plan here. It’s a great recipe guide to give you an idea on how to formulate vegan keto meals. 

vegan keto diet

Here are the 5 key ingredients that will help you build a vegan keto diet: 


Yes! The happy avocado is rich in unsaturated fats and they are amazing sources of fiber, potassium, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate and vitamins B-6, E and K. 

Incredibly versatile, they can be used as creamy toppings, blended in smoothies and added to sweet and savoury dishes. Since they’re so nutrient and calorie-dense they will make your food more satiating.

Check out the Vegan Keto Supplement Guide here.

Leafy Greens

Regardless of whether you follow a low-carb or high-carb diet, leafy green vegetables are absolutely essential. They are vital sources of vitamins A, C, K and minerals manganese, iron, folate, potassium, and calcium. Spinach, Chard, Spring Greens, Kale and Cavolo Nero are quick and easy to prepare and cook. 

We recommended always gently cooking leafy greens as this makes them far easier to digest. 

Fermented Cabbage

Fermented foods are a brilliant way of feeding your gut, especially when following a low carb or ketogenic diet. High-fat diets can favour high-fat foods (what a surprise!) to the exclusion of fibrous foods that feed our gut bacteria. Without fibre and the enzymes from fermented foods, you could have trouble digesting.

Sauerkraut and Kimchi are very low carb and full of probiotics and digestive enzymes that our tummies love!

Hulled Hemp Seeds

Without dairy and animal meats, it’s essential to consume enough protein for muscle synthesis, healthy cartilage and joints and proper brain function. Hemp seeds are also high in magnesium and potassium (essential electrolytes) and zinc too. 

We need about 60-130g of protein a day (even on a ketogenic diet) and even more if you’re physically active. Hulled Hemp Seeds have a creamy consistency and can be sprinkled on salads or blended into high-fat sauces and smoothies.

Nutritional Yeast

High in protein and B vitamins, it’s an amazing ingredient that gives a cheese like consistency and flavour to sauces, toppings and fillings. Blended with soaked nuts, water and salt, you can easily make your own vegan keto cheese!

Noticed any similarities with a well formulated ketogenic diet?

You may have noticed that quite a few of these ingredients feature heavily on a non-vegan keto diet too. Avocados, leafy greens and fermented foods make for nutritionally dense additions to your low carb diet, and they top up your essential vitamins and minerals too. 

Have a look at our 7 Day Ketogenic Meal Plan which includes many of the vegan keto diet ingredients. 

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