Healing Circadian Rhythms With Our Favourite Winter Hack: Red Light Therapy

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Now that the clocks have gone back, we are officially entering the darker season as the shorter days of a long winter loom ahead of us.

A long dark Winter looms Ahead of us

Our body clocks tell us that it is time to take heed, hibernate and rest. However, the twenty-four-seven demands of the modern world moves on around us completely out of touch with nature. Our lives are illuminated with artificial light, dirty electricity and EMFs; and our bodies are malnourished by an abundance of processed, nutrient-lacking foods and toxin rich water. It’s not exactly the optimum environment for us to thrive in!

It’s hard to be natural in such an unnatural world. And it’s even more complicated to energise our bodies and minds when we are surrounded by such contamination that throws our circadian rhythms totally off kilter.

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Simulating a natural physiology in an unnatural world

One of the reasons why we look to a ketogenic, paleo or low carb diet is to simulate a more natural physiology in such an unnatural environment. And it’s also why we have incorporated infrared light therapy into our daily routine so that we feel energised, enlivened and resilient to cope in this modern world. In fact, red light therapy is our favourite hack to deal with winter and avoid SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

We personally absolutely love our red light. As it really does simulate sunrise and sunset; helping us wake up on cold dark winter mornings and to wind down in the evening too. There are many many other incredible benefits from: increased muscle recovery to increased testosterone, and from enhanced blood circulation to wrinkle reduction in the skin.

We got ours from the amazing Bryan and James from Red Light Rising. We’ve teamed up with them and you can use your discount code: KETO on their site.

What is Red light therapy?

Also referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation – is the act of using red light (or near infrared light) for beneficial properties on the body.

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Image and content from redlightrising.co.uk

It is not just light that we can see that comes from the sun. White light can be split up into a spectrum of many different wavelengths and colours, and visible light is just part of a continuous spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.

Infrared lights focus on the visible light and near-infrared light spectrums, which have the identified benefits that we exploit through Red Light Therapy (RLT).

The red and near-infrared light spectrums have scientific evidence that they have a biological impact on our bodies.

Image and content from redlightrising.co.uk

The red spectrums of light penetrate the skin deeper that other light spectrums, reaching the hypodermis (for example wavelength of 694nm can penetrate 15mm into the body). It is this deeper penetration that allows the benefits to be so far reaching as the deeper cells are impacted, photons can enter the bloodstream and be passed throughout your body as well.

ATP Production stimulated by red light therapy

You probably know that the food you eat is converted into ATP for energy production. Red and near-infrared exposure in your mitochondria can also stimulate ATP production

Trying to keep it simple…through a number of metabolic events in your mitochondria, ATP production is stimulated. This is the energy source behind everything that happens in your cells and body, including cell repair and regeneration. Therefore, more ATP is a very good thing, which leads to a lot of the benefits identified with red light therapy.

More ATP, better performing mitochondria, better body and health!

Image and content from redlightrising.co.uk

What are the benefits of Infra Red Light Therapy?

  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Increased muscle recovery
  • Increased collagen production
  • Radiant skin
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Wound healing
  • Enhanced fertility
  • Increased testosterone
  • Decreased pain
  • Increased energy and decrease of SAD symptoms – Find out more at redlightrising.co.uk.

We’ve teamed up with Red Light Rising and you can use your discount code: KETO on their site.

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