Do We Even Need Supplements?

do we even need supplements

Is the supplement industry totally unnecessary? Surely, we should be able to get all of our vitamin and mineral requirements from food and a healthy lifestyle. 


In an ideal world, we should not need any supplements at all.

We really ought to be able to get everything that we need from water, sunlight, food and an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Unfortunately, in this modern world –  as comfortable as it is – we spend far too much time indoors, and therefore, don’t get an adequate dose of sunlight (causing Vitamin D deficiencies).

Sunlight as Energy

Sunlight is an energy source, not just for plants, but also for our bodies. Check out this incredible Ted Talk below on water and light as energy for our cells and mitochondria. Learn even more from our infrared light article.

Natural spring water is rich with minerals and vitamins that are filtered through mineral rich soil and rocks in mountains and hills. However, our municipal city water is chlorinated, often dense with heavy metals, toxins and even phyto-estrogens. We are advised to drink 2-4 litres of water a day but even drinking (tap) water can be unhealthily toxic, and if it is bottled mineral water, it’s probably in plastic and contaminated with plastic particles that are potentially carcinogenic! 


If the soil is minerally depleted, so is the harvest. 

We can go so far as carefully choosing and adopting the ‘right’ types of nutrition, such as an organic plant-based low-carb diet with moderate amounts of free range animal sources, similar to the Weston A Price diet.

With everything we know about nutrition and health, you’d think that we’d be on the right track to longevity and optimal health. But are we? 

What about the over-used and nutrient-depleted soil Just like the womb, the earth needs time to regenerate and replenish before becoming continually harvested.  

What happens if the soil and water that ‘nourishes’ the plants is minerally depleted? And what if the plants are even farmed indoors under artificial lighting? Without natural sunlight, how can the plants obtain the energy they need to become nutrient-dense by the time they reach our plates?

We deplete our soil, insecticide our plants, chlorinate our water, inject our cattle with hormones and antibiotic; we avoid sunlight instead opting for fluorescent indoor lights, we are sedentary and we stay indoors. Houston, we have a problem.

How on earth are we supposed to create health in such a toxic environment?

How can we strive to achieve natural, optimal health? Especially, when we have created such sub-optimal environments for us to thrive- or wilt – in.

We have forgotten that we are animals. Fooled into thinking that science, technology and government medical and nutritional guidelines will save our humanity, civilisation and associated sophistication.

We search for pills to fix us, always wanting the easy option; the ‘quick fix’. 

But there is no quick fix.

Humankind is wilting away. Stress, chronic diseases and unhappiness are rife. We need coffee to wake up and sleeping pills to go to sleep; we’re so disconnected from circadian and seasonal rhythms we can’t function the way nature so ingeniously designed us.

If we lived as close to nature as possible, we wouldn’t need supplements at all.

We need to create a world that harmonises the best of science and technology with the best of nature. Nature has so much to offer us…and it’s all absolutely free.

Be a Rebel: Follow these Steps to Get Closer to Nature 

  • Get outside during the day for sunlight, fresh air and movement!
  • Ground (connect your feet to the earth)
  • Eat Grass Fed Organ Meats and dark leafy greens.
  • Avoid Sugars and Carbohydrates (these are inflammatory and aging foods)
  • Spend quality time laughing and connecting with family & friends
  • Get a good water filter
  • Intermittent Fast to encourage autophagy and cellular regeneration
  • If you still aren’t getting the minerals and vitamins that you need from food, sunlight and water, supplement with electrolytes

Further Reading: 

Deep Nutrition, Catherine Shanahan

Intermittent Fasting, Jason Fung

 Fourth Phase of Water, Gerald Pollack

2 thoughts on “Do We Even Need Supplements?

  1. Alen says:

    I can feel the urgency to be closer to nature. But then, we should take care of nature so that it can do its job of taking care of us. We will all benefit from this.

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