Which Supplements do we use for our Ketogenic Diet?

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Here are our personal favourite supplements for the keto diet!

Many of you have asked what we personally use. We originally set the site up to get the products that we wanted and needed for our ketogenic lifestyle.

So, you can be sure that if a product has made it on to Keto Supplements, it’s because we love it and it’s keto approved. We are incredibly discerning and only choose products with clean ingredients that are free from vegetable oils and contain no artificial sweeteners at all. You can find out the Christmas Story Behind Keto Supplements here. 

Here are our favourite NEW products that are having a phenomenal impact on our health…and taste buds!

Hunter & Gather Mayonnaise

Hunter & Gather Avocado Mayonnaise

And their Avocado Oil, WOW! This is literally the highest quality you can get with no vegetable oils or sugars at all. It’s seriously delicious too. We’re addicted!

Collagen for the Keto Diet

The Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Complex

Includes hyaluronic acid and vitamin c which are anti-aging super supplements! Hyaluronic Acid increases moisture in the skin and joints, and Vitamin C increases our protein synthesis from collagen and aminos. It’s amazing for skin and joint health and completely additive and sweetener-free. We add it to smoothies or blend it in fat coffee.

Keto Bars Keto Snacks and Supplements for the keto diet.

The Keto Bars! 

These are super scrumptious and satiating. It feels like you’re eating a meal, so they’re a great meal replacement when we’re on the go. Francisco loves to have them crumbled up with Coyo Coconut Yoghurt for dessert! Yum!

Golden Ghee Healthy fats for the ketogenic diet

Happy Butter Turmeric Ghee

 Grass fed and organic, it’s perfect for high-heat cooking and even for creating anti-inflammatory Fat Coffees. All you have to do is brew your coffee and then blend with a tablespoon of ghee. It’s that simple!

Your Zooki MCT Supplements for the Keto Diet

Your Zooki Vanilla & Coconut Emulsified MCT Oil

This makes deliciously creamy fat coffees! We’ve noticed that it totally tones down any bitterness in coffee. And if you’re making a keto dessert or keto pancakes and need a topping, just stir Your Zooki in with cacao powder and you’ll have created the dreamiest keto chocolate fudge sauce. I’m serious, you’ve got to try it!

Kegenix Prime BHB Supplements for the keto diet

Kegenix Prime with MCT & BHB Francisco uses this regularly for extra energy and as a pre-workout and I use it to help me concentrate or stave off hunger! It gives long lasting ketone energy and doesn’t taste too sweet either. 

ketoblitz ketosports exogenous ketones uk

KetoBlitz by KetoSports

This is an incredible energy booster and is the fastest acting exogenous ketoine around. We stir it into sparkling ice water with a squeeze of lime and use it as a pre-workout. 

Sleep Supplements for the keto diet

CannabiGold Oil

 If you need something to help you relax, look no further! When we’re struggling to wind down and switch off, just one drop helps ease us into evening mode. 

Prizmag Magnesium Bisglycinate Supplements for the Keto Diet

Prizmag Magnesium Bisglycinate

 I’ve never really gotten excited about magnesium before; I know that it’s even more vital on a low carb diet and I’ve been supplementing with magnesium citrate for a couple of years. This Bisglycinate form of magnesium is something else! I actually noticed the relaxing effect immediately and it has significantly improved my sleep duration and quality. It’s a tremendously efficacious sleep supplement! If you’re having trouble sleeping, combine Magnesium Bisglycinate with CBD oil and you’ll be in sleep heaven!

quinton isotonic supplements for the keto diet

Bioavailable Electrolytes

Last (but not least), the most incredible new product we have on the site right now that Francisco and I take every single day is Quinton Cellnutrition Electrolytes. They are the only electrolytes that include your full spectrum of electrolytes and minerals and they are the most bioavailable too since they are in liquid form in glass ampoules (so there is no plastic contamination or product degradation and oxidation). If you are a very active person, then you need Quinton Cellnutrition in your life!


So, what are your favourite supplements for the keto diet? 

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