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Reinvigorating the Keto Movement

Happy New Year! Has it not been an extraordinarily testing year? I would love to reinvigorate the keto and low carb community this year, as I–as well as most of the world–am missing all of the conferences, meet ups, travel and human connection. Let us reignite 2021in the spirit of health, connection and fat burning.

That is why I have collaborated with Acetrack to bring you the # aceketo movement–in which we bring a myriad of keto speakers together in weekly webinars; a 5 day fat burner free keto guide and newsletters to keep you on track. We hope to have a physical launch at the end of lockdown…whenever that may be.

Not sure how to get started on the keto diet?

ACE keto with your free keto guide, the 5 Day Fat Burner Guide and join the #aceketo movement. Learn how to burn fat the healthy way with a new guide curated by Keto Supplements and Acetrack.

What do you get in the guide?

• 18 delicious keto recipes which include: Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Green (Alkaline) Keto as well as super simple ketogenic recipes.
• You will learn what ketosis is and how to follow a keto diet
• Learn how to measure your fat burning ability and ketone levels
• Progress tracker for your ketone readings, as well as comparisons between breath, urine and blood ketone measurements.
• To help you on your journey we will be launching live keto webinars: Each Wednesday we’ll stream a leading Keto speaker where you can ask your questions.
• Beyond nutrition health optimising ideas.
• Access our Keto Black Book with all the best keto resources and websites.

Step 1: Download the Fat Burner Guide and learn everything you need to know to get into ketosis.

Step 2: Get a ketone reader, whether it’s an Acetrack Ketone Breathalyser, Urine Sticks or a Ketone Blood Monitor so that you can really track your ketone readings and know what kicks you out of ketosis and what keeps you in ketosis.

Step 3: Follow us on Instagram @ketosupplements and Acetrack @acetrack_keto to keep up to date with live webinars and interviews with your favourite keto speakers!

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What are you waiting for? Become a fat burner…the healthy way with your free keto guide! Invigorate your metabolism, boost your fat burning and revitalise your immunity with #aceketo !

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