Keto//OS vs. KetoCaNa: What’s the difference?

Keto//OS vs. KetoCaNa: What's the difference?

How do you choose between Pruvit and KetoSports?

Both brands are the leading manufacturers of Exogenous Ketones in the world. You can trust that both deliver an excellent dose of Ketones (Beta Hydroxybutyrate), resulting in ketosis within 30-60 minutes. Here, at Keto Supplements, we have tried and tested them all and here are the key differences that we have found:

The Verdict

In summary, both brands work equally well in catalysing your ketosis. Both KetoCaNa and Pruvit Keto//OS will increase your mental focus, boost your energy and get you into fat burning mode.

An excellent weight loss tip is to just have a serving of exogenous ketones, either KetoCaNa or Keto//OS for breakfast (the ketones will give you energy and suppress your appetite) and not eat until you feel hungry mid-afternoon. Millions of people have lost fat quickly through this method and the ketones also preserve muscle mass so it’s a win-win!

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