How and When to Take Your Exogenous Ketones?

How and when to take your exogenous ketones and cool ketone recipes

How and when to take your exogenous ketones?

Ultimately, this depends on your goals

We have had many questions on how and when to take your exogenous ketones.

From fitness endurance to fat loss, and from cognitive focus to inflammation reduction goals, we have outlined the most effective times to take your ketones:

Ultimate Fitness Endurance

Just 30 minutes prior to training, shake up your exogenous ketones with water or your preferred base. You will be able to maximise your workout, notice improved oxygen efficiency, stamina, strength, endurance, and recovery. See what Tim Ferriss has to say about ketones here and we’ve also put together an article on fuelling your workouts here.

Fast Fat Loss

We’ve found that exogenous ketones are incredibly effective at helping you lose weight if you use them as a meal replacement, especially at breakfast.

Always drink a large glass of water before having your Pruvit Keto//OS, Keto Sports KetoCaNa or KetoForce. Combine your powdered ketones with water or unsweetened almond milk and ice. Enjoy 3-5 hours of appetite control, increased energy and mental focus/clarity. You will literally feel on fire!

If you follow a ketogenic diet, supplementing with exogenous ketones is really helpful for keeping sugar cravings at bay, helping you transition to becoming ‘fat adapted’ without catching keto flu! Exogenous ketones are also great for getting you back on track after that cheat meal, especially when you are striving to be in ketosis but also juggling family and social events!

Beware of the deficiencies that you may experience whilst following a ketogenic diet, such as muscle cramps, excessive thirst and feeling light-headed. It is absolutely vital that you replenish your electrolytes. So increase your intake of water, salt, potassium and magnesium. Find out more about electrolytes here.

Exceptional Cognitive Focus

Just shake up your ketones with your preferred base drink and enjoy whenever you find yourself in need of a super brain! This works even more effectively if you take ketones combined with intermittent fasting…you’ll be amazed by your productivity!

Reduce Inflammation, Prevent Disease and harness the anti-aging properties of ketosis

Combining exogenous ketones with intermittent fasting is incredible at reducing inflammation in the body. From joint pain to diabetes, you can heal yourself with ketones. You can take your ketone supplement whenever you feel like you need a boost, with meals or as a meal replacement. The reasons why being in ketosis are so effective at healing the body are excellently explained by Robb Wolf in ‘Wired to Eat’:

‘Ketosis offers an amazing benefit that it encourages our bodies to evaluate if the cells and proteins in our cells are healthy. Ketosis causes a low-grade stress (hormones), which causes damaged or sick cells to die via a process called apoptosis. These cells get recycled instead. This helps us in two ways: it provides raw materials to help us during scarcity, and it eliminates damaged cells that have a high likelihood of becoming cancerous or diseased. Much of what we perceive to be aging appears to be an accumulation of damaged cells.’ p.223

how and when to take your exogenous ketones robb wolf

Thus, through ketosis, you can kill cancer cells and starve fat cells! Ketosis really should be the first medicine.

Here are some of our favourite exogenous ketone recipe ideas to shake up your day!

Iced Chocolate Shake:

We love to blend Keto//OS Chocolate Swirl with extra raw cacao powder, almond milk and ice for a refreshing chocolate milkshake! Add a shot of coffee to create an iced latte! This chocolate ketone shake deals with sugar cravings head on!

Orange Crush:

KetoCaNa blended with a half portion of KetoSports MCT powder tastes very similar to Pruvit Keto//OS Orange Dream. Shake with ice to create a delicious ketone boosting pre-workout booster or meal replacement for fat loss.

Pina Ketolada

Blend Keto//OS Max with ice, lime juice and a cup of coconut cream. And boom, you will have a ketotic pina colada to enjoy. The perfect booster to kick-start your morning or relax at the end of your day with a healthy ketone boosting sundowner!

Hardcore TeKetoquila-a-la-Limon!

If you want to achieve the maximum ketotic boost, with the most effective keto supplement out there, try KetoSports’ KetoForce. Just have 2-3 capfuls of KetoForce with the juice of 1 lemon. Tastes just like tequila: salty citrus with a kick! If you can handle this ketotic concoction, we salute you!

Looking for ketone boosting coffee recipes? Check out some great ideas here.

Ketones really are a therapeutic agent! Enjoy your ketones!

Let us know if you have discovered any awesome ketotic recipe ideas!


2 thoughts on “How and When to Take Your Exogenous Ketones?

  1. Debbie christensen says:

    I have heard positive things about your products. Do you sell any beginners pack with a selection of various taster products??

    • Sara says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for your message! As a beginner, I’d recommend starting with Ketostix (for measuring ketones in the urine); and MCT powder or oil for lots of extra healthy fats to add to tea, coffee or smoothies; and the Kegenix Prime pack of 10 sachets to see how you feel. Ensure to keep hydrated and replenish your electrolytes. Hope that helps! Thanks, Sara

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