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Getting started on a Ketogenic Diet

When you are transitioning to the Ketogenic Diet, this is one of the best books that you can read.

Although The Whole Life plan is more of a vey low carb plan, it is an accessible, intelligent read and we absolutely love the emphasis on gut health: something that is sorely overlooked by many diet and health plans.

Dr David Perlmutter covers all the foods that support brain and gut health, as well as all the foods that compromise our health. For me, the most invaluable information is Perlmutter’s explanation of how essential dietary fibre is for gut health:

The gut ‘is home to several groups of bacteria that are vital for regulating immunity and inflammation’ and this vital gut bacteria is dependent upon our intake of dietary fibre from nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. Our gut bacteria breaks down these complex carbohydrates: ‘The gut’s beneficial bacteria use the fibre we eat as fuel to promote their own growth.’

Prebiotics are also found in fibre-rich foods and feed the gut bacteria. The gut bacteria uses prebiotics to produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) and these ‘SCFAS activate a signaling pathway that tells the brain that the body has gotten enough food.’ So, if you are in a fibre deficit, your body will think it is starving and try to extract the maximum amount of calories from your food, which can cause weight gain. (Source: The Brain Grain Whole Life Plan Dr David Perlmutter).

Eat plenty of fibre and you will have happy gut bacteria, a strong immune system, reduced inflammation and a healthy body and mind!

We highly recommend ‘The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan’ to get you started on a ketogenic diet.

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