Vegans vs Meat Eaters: Is there any Common Ground? The Sacred Cow Film Review

sacred cow film review

Eating meat and being environmentally conscious are not mutually exclusive.

The Sacred Cow Film Review

 by Diana Rodgers and produced by Robb Wolf

Watch the film for free until the 30th November 2020:

“This is our opportunity to acknowledge the power of regenerative agriculture to heal ourselves and our soil from the industrial food system.” — DIANA RODGERS, RD

A poignant antidote to ‘What the Health’; The Sacred Cow coveys how much vegans and sustainable meat eaters have in common. We both care about the environment, protecting the animal kingdom and eating healthily. Furthermore, the film has been well thought out with facts backed by data and has examples of sustainable farming from all over the world.

Main Takeaways:

  • Mass industrialised plant agriculture and meat production have a horrific impact on the environment, animals, plant life and human health. Why?
  • Mass crop production for a plant-based diet = monoculture = one crop grown in a geographical area at the expense of all other plants, biodiversity & animals. Thus, even if you are following a vegan diet, growing crops without animals depletes the nutrients of soil and kills the natural habitat = less nutrient dense foods = more ill-health.
  • Mass farming of animals is simply cruel and yields a lower quality meat.
  • Ideal = Not to isolate the animal from the land. Plants grow better with animal excretion and the associated biodiversity and microorganisms. That is why, for millennia, farmers have used manure to fertilise crops.
  • Earth is essentially dead plant and animal matter which is nutrient dense for optimum plant growth…You can’t have life without death.
  • Monoculture farms have negligible biodiversity and nutrient poor soil.

Ultimately, ruminant animals (cows, deer, goats, sheep) nourish the soil and tame plants. Moreover, they are happier, healthier animals!

The Sacred Cow Film Review. In summary: you can indeed be a meat eater and simultaneously care about the environment.  In fact, eating meat from animals reared on grassland actually SUPPORTS the environment, increases biodiversity and improves global nutrition.

After all, certain animal sourced nutrients such as B12, DHA, Collagen and Saturated Fats support brain health…there is no way humans would have such large brains if we had not evolved on a diet of animal and fish meat. Learn more about nutrients for the brain here.

Sacred Cow Film Review Keto Carnivore Diet
Here’s a photo of this morning’s delicious brunch of ribeye fillet and bone marrow sourced from Turner and George…and made by Francisco.

Don’t forget to watch the film here for free until the 30th November 2020:

Looking for Sustainable Meat and Veg?

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Do you know of other ethical butchers and farms? Please add them to the comments section below.

Thank you! Sara 

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