Interview with Dr Anna Cabeca on How to Use Julva and the Pura Balance PPR Cream

Dr Anna Cabeca Julva Balance Cream

What exactly do the Julva and PPR Pura Balance Creams do?

Have you been keeping up to date with us @KETOSUPPLEMENTS on instagram? You will have seen our latest interview with the incredible Dr Anna Cabeca, Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Best Selling Author and Supplement and Cosmetics Formulator. Dr Anna is a warrior for advocating for women’s health, particularly peri menopausal, menopausal and post menopausal women.

We discussed the ingredients in the creams, how they work, where you can use them and how not to use them.

In summary:

The Julva Cream is incredible for supporting elasticity and natural moisturisation of the perineum. It does this with the incredible Alpine Rose Stem Cells and DHEA. The cream can also be used on your lips and under your eyes (but not on your eyes) and men can use it on their testes too.

The Pura Balance PPR Cream contains progesterone which supports hormone balancing and is supportive for women going through the menopause but can also alleviate pmt if used prior to and during the beginning of your period.

Click HERE or the image below to watch the interview and leave your comments and questions for Dr Anna to answer. Dr Anna Cabeca Julva Cream

Dr Anna Cabeca Julva Cream

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