Your Pescatarian Keto Meal Plan

9 Deliciously simple breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to get you into ketosis.

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Download Your Free Pescatarian Keto Diet Plan

There’s certainly a myth that a ketogenic diet requires copious amounts of meat and dairy. However, it is possible to be keto pescatarian and here is your delicious 3 day recipe guide.

It’s a great recipe guide to give you an idea on how to formulate pescatarian keto meals, however, it is not a personalised diet guide.

A pescatarian ketogenic diet is a diet rich in healthy fats, particularly essential fatty acids, such as DHA, for the brain. We have included many plant ingredients to complement a well-rounded pescatarian keto diet. 

With this meal plan you will have some solid (and delicious) ideas on how to formulate a keto pescatarian diet that is rich in healthy fibres, fats and bioavailable proteins. And you can even click on some of the ingredients to find them online!

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3 Essential Pescatarian Ketogenic Diet Survival Tips:

  • Keep hydrated
  • Replenish your electrolytes! (our electrolytes are sodium, potassium and magnesium). This way, you are less likely to experience low energy levels.
  • Be prepared to add extra mineral salt to your food, and supplement with MCT Oil if you need additional energy.

5 Steps to Ketosis

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